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There are several students around the world, who are deprived of quality education because of, geographical boundaries. The need to get quality tutoring has been increasing every year as the NRI students in USA have been showing a lot of interest in getting higher education in India. Indian medical system is very popular all over the world because of numerous achievements by the doctors in the country. Students in USA are well aware of this and thus seek quality live online coaching for preparation of Top Medical Entrance Exams like AIIMS and NEET. It is the only gateway to top medical institutes in India. eMedicalPrep provides online Medical Coaching in USA as it is found that students don’t have access to quality tutoring in USA.

Medical Coaching in USAThe academic system in India is of high standards and is different from the USA. Thus NRI students depend on live online classes provided by eMedicalPrep, which imparts medical coaching according to the basic guidelines of the Indian education system and the exam curriculum. Indian doctors are very skilled and hold high reputation worldwide. They have demonstrated their competence at handling large and complex cases with ease. There are numerous Indian origin doctors, who have settled in USA after completing their medical education in India. The NRI students in USA know about this and thus get motivated to come to India for medical education.

eMedicalPrep has been providing quality medical coaching to students across the world and has successfully established a name in the field of online Medical Coaching. We have a panel of expert tutors, who have experience in working in top hospitals and have immense knowledge in the medical field. They help students to get high scores in these medical entrance exams, which in turn help students get admitted to reputed medical colleges in India.

  • Most of the tutors at eMedicalPrep are AIIMS graduates and have experience of tutoring via live online classes to numerous students in the past
  • Medical Coaching is provided to students after efficiently planning so that students get comprehensive coaching for medical exam
  • All our live online Medical Coaching classes cover updated syllabus pertaining the medical entrance exams

eMedicalPrep has tied- up with the following school in USA to help aspirants prepare from an early age, for medical entrance exams.

Various Courses offered by eMedicalPrep via Live Online Classes for Medical Entrance Exam

eMedicalPrep provides several courses to students that can be chosen according to the timelines and budget. We also have standalone courses in Physics, Chemistry and Biology, which are beneficial for students.


The Live online classes of medical coaching in USA are given to students with intensive coaching for AIIMS preparation. The tutors conducting the classes are top subject experts. We offer,

  • One- Year Extensive Course - A total of 610 hours of AIIMS preparation
  • Two- Year Extensive Course - A total of 703 hours of AIIMS preparation
  • One- Year Course for 12th Class - A total of 588 hours of AIIMS preparation

For AIIMS preparation, our courses also include multiple live doubt removal sessions, Unit tests, SA tests, Chapter tests, live lectures and High Order thinking skills.

You can learn more about AIIMS Coaching in USA.


Medical Coaching in USA has proved beneficial for students living far away from India as students get coaching from experienced AIIMS graduates. We offer,

  • One- Year Extensive Course - A total of 610 hours of NEET preparation
  • Two- Year Extensive Course - A total of 703 hours of NEET preparation
  • One- Year Course for 12th Class - A total of 588 hours of NEET preparation

NEET preparation via live online classes includes live doubt removal sessions, unit tests, SA tests, chapter tests, live lectures and High Order thinking skills.

You can learn more about NEET Coaching in USA.

Live Online Classes in USA for NEET and AIIMS

Live Online Classes of Medical Entrance Exam from eMedicalPrep

eMedicalPrep has been in the field of Entrance Exams Coaching for many years and has been successful in coaching thousands of students. With proper guidance and support from our tutors, several aspirants have cleared the medical entrance exams. Our other highlights include:

  • We provide a demo class to students to let them understand all our offerings before they finalise their decision
  • The online classes for medical entrance exams are scheduled according to the school hours of students so that they don’t miss any class
  • All our online classes for medical entrance exams are recorded for students so that they can access them in future for any doubts
  • We also conduct individual doubt removal sessions for students in our live online classes
  • Counsellors are provided to students during the entire duration of the medical entrance exams course
  • eMedicalPrep provides scholarships to students who are meritorious and have an excellent academic record
  • Our curriculum is designed by top experts and contains questions that have been asked in the last 10 years in AIIMS and NEET paper
  • Weak and strong areas of the students are analysed, and suggestions are given to improve accordingly
  • To let parents know about the performance of their children, a regular parent-teacher meeting is conducted online
  • There is ample reference material provided to students. Students enrolled in an online medical exam program get 18 books that include six books each in Physics, Chemistry and Biology

Because of stiff competition, students need to prepare in a best possible way to clear medical entrance exams and get admitted to a top medical institute. eMedicalPrep, with an accomplished team of tutors, is doing just that and guiding students to prepare in a significant manner. We have expert resources to successfully provide top quality coaching to students and help them boost their learning curve. All our programs at eMedicalPrep are affordable, and we offer constant support to students with seamless experience for live online classes of Medical Exam.


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