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Extensive Learning with Medical Coaching

Medical Coaching is a popular way of imparting quality education around the world. It helps students to get coaching from top experts, who might not be from their region. Students in Uganda know how important it is to pursue medical education from India. For this, they start preparing for Top Medical Entrance Exams like AIIMS and NEET from an early age. But without proper coaching, it becomes difficult for them to prepare in the required manner. They have to depend on online classes so that they can be at par with other students. eMedicalPrep has the expertise to provide quality Medical Coaching in Uganda for preparation of entrance exams like AIIMS and NEET.

Online Tutoring in Uganda by eMedicalPrep

The NRI students in Uganda have not forgotten the high standards of education in India. They always wish to get a higher education, particularly medical education, in India. They know that Indian doctors are highly respected all over the world as they are very sincere towards their work and work hard to achieve their professional goals. This is the reason students target limited medical seats available in Indian Medical Institutes. But for that, they have to clear top medical entrance exams with the help of Medical Coaching classes. They seek quality coaching for preparation and eMedicalPrep is the best choice we have top subject experts in our team.

With competition increasing each year for the limited medical seats, it is crucial that top subject experts tutor the aspirants for medical entrance exams. eMedicalPrep has been delivering live online classes in Uganda from a long time and has been guiding students for preparation of entrance exams. We use the latest technology for online classes, for the benefit of students living in Uganda.

  • We have expertise to showcase the difference between ordinary and extra- ordinary results
  • Our tutors are highly qualified and we hand- pick them from the top universities
  • We allocate tutors according to the requirements of students and also change them if students are not satisfied

To help students of Uganda to prepare from an early age, we have tied- up with the following school.

  • Delhi Public School International, Uganda

Offerings through Live Online Classes


eMedicalprep provides Medical Coaching in Uganda to students preparing for AIIMS entrance exams. The online classes are conducted by top subject experts with years of teaching experience. We offer,

  • One- Year Extensive Course - A total of 610 hours of preparation
  • Two- Year Extensive Course - A total of 703 hours of preparation
  • One- Year Course for 12th Class - A total of 588 hours of preparation

The aspirants are also provided multiple live doubt removal sessions, Unit tests, SA tests, Chapter tests, Live lectures and High Order thinking skills.

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For NEET preparation, the students get access to live online classes from eMedicalPrep. The top research scholars and subject experts tutor the entrance exams aspirants. We offer,

  • One- Year Extensive Course - A total of 610 hours of preparation
  • Two- Year Extensive Course - A total of 703 hours of preparation
  • One- Year Course for 12th Class - A total of 588 hours of preparation

Along with the online classes, the students get live doubt removal sessions, unit tests, SA tests, chapter tests, Live lectures and High Order thinking skills.

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Live Online Classes in Uganda for NEET and AIIMS

Features of Live Online Classes from eMedicalPrep

The courses at eMedicalPrep are strategically designed and allow entrance exam aspirants to prepare in a best possible way. We have a well- structured curriculum that also supports school teaching.

  • To attain a comfort level and to know our high standards of coaching, the students are offered a demo class
  • Students can schedule live online classes according to their school hours
  • We provide one- to- one personalised tutor for weak students
  • Students have an option to choose specific courses related to AIIMS and NEET preparation
  • Counsellors are provided to students during an entire duration of the course
  • A parent- teacher meeting is conducted regularly so that parents can know about the preparation of their wards
  • Our system generates transparent student report and analysis
  • Study materials are provided to students of online classes. It consists of 18 printed books- six each for Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • Our curricula are designed by a panel of experts and it includes questions from last 10 years’ paper
  • We keep track of every student and analyse their weak and strong areas. Our experts then offer a clear path to preparation accordingly
  • We offer multiple test series for students to get used to the entrance exam pattern

eMedicalPrep is an established brand for medical entrance tutoring as our programs are carefully designed upon expert opinion. We also keep updating our syllabus to include latest happenings in the field of medical education. We use the latest technology for live online classes so that students have a seamless experience while attending online classes. We let students learn and excel, to stay ahead of the competition through our extensive online classes. We offer online classes at affordable rates that can be borne easily by parents. We provide continuous support to our students and provide all the latest offerings to them.

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