Some Basic Terms used in Adsorption

Some Basic Terms used in Adsorption


Interface : Any surface is a plane which separates any two phases in contact with each other. The plane which separates any two phase is generally called aninterface between the two phases.

Adsorbate and Adsorbent: The substance which gets adsorbed on any surface is called adsorbate for example, if a gas gets adsorbed on to the surface of a solid, then the gas is termed as the adsorbate.

The substance on the surface of which adsorption takes place is calledadsorbent.


Desorption: The removal of the adsorbed substance from a surface is called desorption.


Absorption: When the molecules of a substance are uniformly distributed throughout the body of a solid or liquid. This phenomenon is called absorption. 

Sorption: The phenomenon in which adsorption and absorption occur simultaneously is called sorption.

Mc. Bain introduced a general term sorption describeing both the processes, however adsorption is instantaneous i.e. a fast process while absorption is a slow process.

Occlusion: When adsorption of gases occur on the surface of metals this is called occlusion. 

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