Enzyme Catalysis

(1) Enzymes are complex nitrogenous substances these are actually protein molecules of higher molecular mass.

(2) Enzymes catalyse numerous reactions, especially those connected with natural processes.

(3) Numerous reactions occur in the bodies of animals and plants to maintain the life process. These reactions are catalysed by enzymes. The enzymes are thus, termed as bio-chemical catalysts and the phenomenon is known as bio-chemical catalysis.

(4) Nitrogenase an enzyme present in bacteria on the root nodules of leguminous plants such as peas and beans, catalyses the conversion of atmospheric to .

(5) In the human body, the enzyme carbonic anhydrase catalyses the reaction of with ,


The forward reaction occurs when the blood takes up in the tissues, and the reverse reaction occurs when the blood releases in lungs.

In manufacturing of ethyl alcohol


(ii) Starch (l)


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