Difference between Adsorption and Absorption

Difference between Adsorption and Absorption


It is a surface phenomenon.It concerns with the whole mass of the absorbent.
In it, the substance is only retained on the surface and does not go into the bulk or interior of the solid or liquid.It implies that a substance is uniformly distributed, through the body of the solid or liquid.
In it the concentration of the adsorbed molecules is always greater at the free phase.

In it the concentration is low.


It is rapid in the beginning and slows down near the equilibrium.It occurs at the uniform rate.

Examples : (i) Water vapours adsorbed by silica gel.

(ii) NH3 is adsorbed by charcoal.


Examples : (i) Water vapours absorbed by anhydrous CaCl2

(ii) NH3 is absorbed in water forming NH4OH

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