Nuclear Chain Reaction

Nuclear Chain Reaction

With a small lump of , most of the neutrons emitted during fission escape but if the amount of exceeds a few kilograms (critical mass), neutrons emitted during fission are absorbed by adjacent nuclei causing further fission and so producing more neutrons. Now since each fission releases a considerable amount of energy, vast quantities of energy will be released during the chain reaction caused by fission.

Atomic bomb: An atomic bomb is based upon the process of that nuclear fission in which no secondary neutron escapes the lump of a fissile material for which the size of the fissile material should not be less than a minimum size called the critical size. There is accordingly a sudden release of a tremendous amount of energy, which represents an explosive force much greater than that of the most powerful TNT bomb. In the world war II in 1945 two atom bombs were used against the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the former contained U-235 and the latter contained Pu-239.

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