Significance of Buffer Solutions

Significance of Buffer Solutions

(i) Buffer solutions are used for comparing colorimetrically the hydrogen ion concentration of unknown solutions.

(ii) Acetic acid-sodium acetate is used in the removal of phosphate radical during the qualitative analysis of the mixture.

(iii) buffer is used for the precipitation of hydroxides of third group of qualitative analysis.

(iv) In industries, buffer solutions are used in the alcoholic fermentation (pH 5 to 6.5), tanning of leather, electroplating, manufacture of sugar, paper manufacturing etc.,

(v) In bacteriological research culture media are generally buffered to maintain the pH required for the growth of the bacteria being studied.

(vi) In biological systems buffer system of carbonic acid and sodium bicarbonate is found in our blood. It maintains the pH of blood to a constant value (about 7.4) inspite of various acid and base-producing reactions going on in our body.

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