Molar Conductivity or Molar Conductance

Molar Conductivity or Molar Conductance

Molar conductivity is defined as the conducting power of all the ions produced by dissolving one mole of an electrolyte in solution.

It is denoted by (lambda). Molar conductance is related to specific conductance () as,

where, M is the molar concentration.

If M is in the units of molarity i.e., moles per litre the may be expressed as,

For the solution containing 1 gm mole of electrolyte placed between two parallel electrodes of 1 sq. cm area of cross-section and one cm apart,

But if solution contains 1 gm mole of the electrolyte therefore, the measured conductance will be the molar conductivity. Thus,

In other words,

where V is the volume of the solution in containing one gram mole of the electrolyte.

If M is the concentration of the solution in mole per litre, then

M mole of electrolyte is present in

1 mole of electrolyte is present in of solution

Thus, containing 1 mole of electrolyte.


Units of Molar Conductance: The units of molar conductance can be derived from the formula ,

The units of are S and units of are,

According to SI system, molar conductance is expressed as if concentration is expressed as

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