Shapes of Different Orbital

Shapes of Different Orbital

(1) Shape of ‘s’ orbital

(i) For ‘s’ orbital l = 0 & m=0 so ‘s’ orbital have only one unidirectional orientation i.e. the probability of finding the electrons is same in all directions.

(ii) The size and energy of ‘s’ orbital with increasing ‘n’ will be 1s <2s <3s <4s.

(iii) s-orbitals known as radial node or modal surface. But there is no radial node for 1s orbital since it is starting from the nucleus.


(2) Shape of ‘p’ orbitals

   (i) For ‘p’ orbital l=1, & m=+1,0,–1 means there are three ‘p’ orbitals, which is symbolised as px,py,pz

   (ii) Shape of ‘p’ orbital is dumb bell in which the two lobes on opposite side separated by the nodal plane.

   (iii) p-orbital has directional properties.

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