Polynomial system:

According to this system name of any plant consists of many words. For ego Caryophyllum-Cqryophyllum saxatilis folis gramineus umbellatis corumbis.

Binomial System:

1. Binomial system was first proposed by Gaspard Bauhin in his book - "Pinax Theatre Botanica."
2. Carolus Linnaeus: Linnaeus used this nomenclature system for the first time on large scale and proposed scientific name of all the plants and animals.
* Linnaeus is the founder of binomial system.
* Linnaeus proposed scientific name of plants in his book "Species plantarum". It was published on 1 May 1753. So this was the initiation of binomial system for plants. So any name proposed (for plants) before this date is not accepted today.
* Linnaeus proposed scientific name of animals in his book "Systema naturae" (10th edition).
* This 10th edition of Systema naturae was published on 1 August 1758. So initiation of binomial system for animals is believed to be started on 1 Aug, 1758.
Principle of Priority: The nomenclature is done by principle of priority. If two names are proposed for any plant after the 1753, the valid name is the earlier name proposed just after 1 May, 1753.

ICBN - "International Code of Botanical Nomenclature"

  • ICBN - Book of rules of nomenclature
  • Collection of rules regarding scientific ¬nomenclature of plants is known as ICBN
  • ICBN was firstly proposed by Sprague, Hitchcock, Green (1930).
  • ICBN was first accepted in 1961.
  • 12th International congress, Leningrade, revised ICBN in 1975.
  • After revision it was republished in 1978. So that ICBN was published two times: (1) 1961 (2) 1978

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