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In this technologically advanced world, it has become easy for students living in other countries to get their hands at best coaching from top experts. It is their right to get top quality education irrespective of location and boundaries. There are several NRI students in Singapore, who want to complete their higher education in the medical stream, from India because they know the value of a degree obtained in a Top Medical Institute here. But due to a gap in standards of education in India and Singapore, students are unable to prepare for top medical entrance exams in the best possible way, in Singapore. Hence, they seek Medical Coaching in Singapore to help them clear these exams exam and get admitted to one of the reputed medical colleges in India.

Online Tutoring in Singapore by eMedicalPrep

Medical entrance exams are the only way a candidate can get through a top medical institute. And, students should work hard to achieve a good score to have any chance of getting the coveted seat because of competition. The demand for a medical seat is because the graduates from a medical institute in India are highly respected and have a great degree of skill for performing well on international stage. Several doctors worldwide have performed numerous complex operations to establish a name for themselves in the medical field.  To follow in the footsteps of these doctors, NRI students need top quality coaching to clear medical entrance exams and get admitted in a top medical institute.

eMedicalPrep has been a global leader in providing medical live online classes to students for preparation of entrance exams such as AIIMS and NEET. We have several research scholars, medical experts and AIIMS graduates to impart quality coaching to students. We help students build confidence and enhance their capability to take these tough entrance exams. We plan effectively to achieve the best possible results in medical entrance exams.

  • Our curriculum is designed by consulting top subject experts and is well- structured to help students prepare well
  • We are a global leader in providing Medical Coaching classes to students living across the world
  • We give importance to basics and thus revisit them to make students’ foundation strong

We have tie- ups with leading schools in Singapore to help students prepare for Top Entrance Exams like AIIMS and NEET. They are,

  • Global Indian International School, Meichen Road, Singapore
  • Global Indian International School, Cheviot Hill, Singapore

Our Wide Range of Courses via Live Online Classes


Medical Coaching in Singapore consists of numerous courses for students for AIIMS preparation. The online classes are conducted by the best subject experts with many years of teaching experience. We offer,

  • One- Year Extensive Course - A total of 610 hours of preparation
  • Two- Year Extensive Course - A total of 703 hours of preparation
  • One- Year Course for 12th Class - A total of 588 hours of preparation

Our courses via online classes also include multiple live doubt removal sessions, Unit tests, SA tests, Chapter tests, live lectures and High Order thinking skills.

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For NEET preparation, the live online classes in Singapore are conducted by AIIMS graduates, who have experience of working in top hospitals. We offer,

  • One- Year Extensive Course - A total of 610 hours of preparation
  • Two- Year Extensive Course - A total of 703 hours of preparation
  • One- Year Course for 12th Class - A total of 588 hours of preparation

Live Online Classes in Singapore for NEET and AIIMS

Our courses via live online classes include live doubt removal sessions, unit tests, SA tests, chapter tests, live lectures and High Order thinking skills.

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What do you get from Live Online Classes of eMedicalPrep?

For student excellence, eMedicalPrep has a proficient team of experts, who thrive to prove quality coaching. They help them enhance their knowledge and let them perform well in competitive exams.

  • We provide a demo class to students before they choose us, to let them know of our high teaching standards along with the curriculum
  • All our programs cover all the important aspects and provide a perfect platform for AIIMS and NEET preparation
  • Students can choose the timing of Live online classes so that they don’t have to miss their school hours
  • All the online classes are recorded and shared with students, so that they can access them to clear doubts whenever they want to
  • We also provide personalised one- to- one tutor to students who need special attention
  • Our main aim is to motivate students and thus we provide scholarships to deserving students
  • Counsellors are also provided to encourage students to do better
  • All over students get 18 books as Study Materials that include six books each for Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • Our expert panel designs the curriculum that also includes questions from last 10 years’ AIIMS and NEET papers
  • A parent- teacher meeting is conducted regularly, to let parents know about the preparation level of their children
  • We provide student report and analysis that is system generated and also transparent

eMedicalPrep provides innovative tutoring to students that help them understand the concepts better. Our tutors strive hard to increase the aptitude of students and prepare them mentally for entrance exams. With 24 x 7 customer care support, we provide affordable programs to our students and allocate best tutors to help students achieve their dream of becoming best doctors in future.

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