Medical Coaching in Saudi Arabia

Climbing the Ladder of Success with Medical Coaching

Medical Coaching offers the perfect personalized solution to imparting coaching to students situated in distant geographical locations in the world. This mode of imparting coaching is gaining much significance with each passing day. While, it helps to connect expertise and end users, it is also a convenient and comfortable mode, wherein the end user (student) can stay in the comfortable confines of his/her home, café, or a library to attend live sessions. Through Medical Coaching in Saudi Arabia, we aspire to provide coaching to the AIIMS and NEET aspirants and help them clear these reputed Medical Entrance Examinations in India.

While, the local Indian nationals do get a lot of opportunities, with respect to correct coaching and guidance, we understand that the scenario gets a little difficult for the NRIs. We also understand their ambitions and aspirations to study from the world renowned AIIMS and other colleges associated with NEET, from their home country. Our courses provide these students, the much needed push and spirit of competitiveness, which somehow goes missing, when you are preparing on your own and that too in a far off location. Moreover, we feel that the students need specific coaching and guidance, that provides course curriculum and test series specific to AIIMS and NEET only.

Online Tutoring in Saudi Arabia by eMedicalPrep

Benefits of Medical Coaching Classes by eMedicalPrep

Through these live online classes in Saudi Arabia, eMedicalPrep provides a direct connect between subject experts and aspirants. And, like mentioned earlier…from within the confines and comforts of their home.

  1. All programs are developed and delivered by expert academic writers and medical professionals
  2. We offer multiple customized courses for the students to pick and choose the best that suits their strategy of preparation
  3. Our reference material and notes are pretty comprehensive for self-revision
  4. We also provide comprehensive test series for the students to keep practising and gauging their level of preparation
  5. eMedicalPrep offers scholarships to meritorious students
  6. Our classes are scheduled to comfortably accommodate school hours
  7. We stay in touch with the parents, to keep them updated on the progress of their child
  8. We provide counsellor support to students, whenever there arises a need
  9. Our classes are recorded and the recordings are thereupon shared with the students
  10. There is ample opportunity for Q&A sessions and we also schedule special doubt removal sessions, per the need.

Programs Offered

We offer specific programs for AIIMS and NEET preparation, which focus on the past year exam trends pertaining these exams independently. This allows us to channelize the aspirants’ efforts towards their priority and guide them through the entire period in a much streamlined and strategic manner.


Our experts who deliver these live online classes are experts in their specific domains. While some are practicing professional, some are ex-faculty from Top Medical Colleges in India. We offer programs like:

  • One-Year Extensive Course - A total of 610 hours of preparation
  • Two-Year Extensive Course - A total of 703 hours of preparation
  • One-Year Course for 12th Class - A total of 588 hours of preparation

Along with online classes, students get live doubt removal sessions, unit tests, SA tests, chapter tests, Live lectures and High Order thinking skills

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eMedicalPrep offers various opportunities and complete support to the aspirants striving for a seat in the reputed AIIMS. Our Medical Coaching classes cover the entire curriculum pertaining different strategies and alignments, depending on the chosen time frame and course. We offer:

  • One- Year Extensive Course - A total of 610 hours of preparation
  • Two- Year Extensive Course - A total of 703 hours of preparation
  • One- Year Course for 12th Class - A total of 588 hours of preparation

The aspirants are also provided multiple live doubt removal sessions, Unit tests, SA tests, Chapter tests, Live lectures and High Order thinking skills.

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Live Online Classes in Saudi Arabia for NEET and AIIMS

We ensure that our faculty is always at the beck and call of the students. We strive to provide the best coaching and guidance, and make it a point to strengthen the foundation of each subject, while we help them aspire for AIIMS and NEET.

eMedicalPrep is a service, not limited by borders and geographical distances. We have successfully carved a niche for ourselves, in the Medical Coaching domain and can proudly call ourselves the industry leaders for various reasons. Some include, having the best panel on board, offering the most customized courses and the seamless technological interface for ease of delivery and understanding. Our client team is always ready for support and assistance and it is our exemplary services that make us the leaders of Medical Coaching in Saudi Arabia.

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