NEET (AIPMT) Sample Papers

NEET (AIPMT) Sample Papers

Neet Sample PapersWhen a student starts preparing for entrance exams, working on test series, referring sample papers, and solving them within the stipulated time is a must activity. Because, it’s only practice that makes you perfect and there can never be two ways around that. At eMedicalPrep we bring you comprehensive sets of sample papers, to prepare for NEET (AIPMT). As mentioned before, no amount of revision can help, unless one has actually practiced and prepared himself/herself for the actual exam mode. And, that can only happen upon timing yourself and solving papers from the past years.

Under NEET entrance exam coaching portfolio, we offer NEET (AIPMT) 2019 samples for you to practice; these will provide a true insight into the paper pattern: significant topics, topics that have a lesser weightage, and many more aspects. In all manners, helping you plan your approach to preparation accordingly. Because there will always be some portions more important than others. Moreover, when one practices that gives him/her fair idea on the time required to solve different questions, prioritize the topics that take lesser time and create a mental approach, even before you have the question paper in sight.

Our NEET (AIPMT) 2019 sample papers or NEET sample question papers are of course fully solved; so that you do not get stuck at any point. The papers are drafted absolutely in line to the NEET (AIPMT) examination pattern and comprise 180 questions in all, with 45 questions each in Physics and Chemistry, and 90 questions in Biology (Botany and Zoology). Of course, we also look up to the actual PMT paper trends to give the correct mix of easy, medium and difficult questions. Each paper comes with an answer key towards the end.

Students are advised to time their attempt at these papers by setting a timer. The answer key will only help you once you refer it after your attempt at the paper; to understand the mistakes and try different approaches to solve the particular question. You can then of course get an idea on the time required to reach the desired level of accuracy and align your speed to that. You can also raise queries and resolve your doubts during NEET live online classes.

NEET (AIPMT) Sample Paper With Solutions

Solved Sample Papers
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Unsolved Sample Papers for Practice
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