Sample Papers for Medical Exams

Sample Papers for Medical Exams

Both NEET and AIIMS are the most reputed medical entrance exams in India. While NEET opens doors to admission in various top medical institutes, ranking in the AIIMS entrance determine admission into one of the seven AIIMS. Given the significance both these exams hold, mostly all medical aspirants appear in them and strive to seek admission in the top institutes, with a course of their choice.

eMedicalPrep’s live online classes take medical aspirants through the exam preparation specifically for NEET and AIIMS in separate courses. Yes, we focus on each exam in a manner that we follow the past paper patterns, identify topics of high focus and adopt a teaching strategy that best suits AIIMS or NEET. However, since the syllabi is more or less same, students can prepare themselves well upon seeking admission in any of these courses. They can then choose to attempt the sample papers for both exams separately to get specific skill alignment.

Through our NEET entrance exam coaching and AIIMS entrance exam coaching we aspire to prepare our students well. We want them to create their own path, once they are thorough with the curriculum and are out there in a sea of competitors.

Since, NEET has a strong influence from the CBSE syllabus, our focus remains there, as we build on the foundation set in schools. Students can attend NEET live online classes, ask doubts, attend special doubt removal sessions, appear in test series, and analyze their own reports. Our comprehensive NEET exam sample papers help students align their approach to the exam in a more defined manner. We take reference from past year NEET papers to prepare various sample sets. The sets come along with comprehensive answer keys that are thoroughly prepared by our SMEs. Students can attempt the sample paper and time themselves. They can thereupon refer the answer key for any issues and also seek help from our experts at any time.

On similar lines, our experts brainstorm through the past year AIIMS exam papers to prepare comprehensive set of AIIMS exam sample papers. While, we do a thorough research for our students to prepare the most aligned sample papers, we have identified the most repetitive questions all through these years. Our sample papers are an absolute mix of easy, medium and tough questions, as the real paper would have every time. As our students attempt these papers, they are able to gauge their level of preparation, align their own approach to solving different sections, and prioritize the topics per their convenience and more. In the end, they have a well laid out answer key for assistance and of course support from our experts.

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