AIIMS Past Year Papers

AIIMS Past Year Papers

The team of distinguished SMEs and ex-faculty from some of the top medical colleges come together at eMedicalPrep to collate the past year papers. This is because we consider attempting the past papers an integral activity of the entire process of AIIMS Preparation. Unless the aspirants have a go at the past year papers, there is no way that they are able to gauge the degree of their preparation, this time around.

We also offer sample papers, which are prepared after much deliberation and comprehension, upon analyzing these past year papers. A careful view of the AIIMS past year papers is a must to understand the level of understating desired to clear the exam.

Note: However, since after 2014, AIIMS is being conducted through the online mode, papers for the year 2014 and henceforth are not available for reference. But, we do bring a comprehensive collection for the years prior to that.

Significance of Past Year AIIMS Question Papers

  1. Past year papers provide a ‘to the point ‘insight on what exactly is desired from an applicant: the level of understanding, clarity of concepts, ability to time the attempt, and the style of the paper
  2. Aspirants get to understand the gaps in their knowledge levels and can brush up their preparation to reach the desired level
  3. They can make multiple attempts to solve the past year papers and understand the inherent difficulties that might arise
  4. It is easier to identify the important topics and the topics which cover a lesser weightage

Download AIIMS Past Year Papers for Free by clicking on the links below:

Question Papers Solution Question Papers Solution
AIIMS 2013 Solution AIIMS 2003 Solution
AIIMS 2012 Solution AIIMS 2002 Solution
AIIMS 2011 Solution AIIMS 2001 Solution
AIIMS 2010 Solution AIIMS 2000 Solution
AIIMS 2009 Solution AIIMS 1999 Solution
AIIMS 2008 Solution AIIMS 1998 Solution
AIIMS 2007 Solution AIIMS 1997 Solution
AIIMS 2006 Solution AIIMS 1996 Solution
AIIMS 2005 Solution AIIMS 1995 Solution
AIIMS 2004 Solution AIIMS 1994 Solution

Note: From 2014 onward, AIIMS is conducted online and hence it’s past year papers are not available for 2014, 2015 and so on.

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