Package for NEET Live Online Classes – RIMP 2

Package for Live Online Classes of NEET - RIMP 2

This online coaching program is meant for the students of class VIII, IX, and X. This program is meant to strengthen the base of medical aspirants from an early age. The right basics go a long way in creating the real understanding of subjects and give ample time to students to prepare for their medical entrance examinations well. Since the focus of this program is on a detailed understanding of a topic; it naturally helps students in their class performance and in improving their results in their board exams. 

Two year program – Remote Instruction Medical Program - II

  • Two‐year Classroom Program: This program is a bit more relaxed and includes 650 hours of live online tutoring. Hence, it allows you to spend more time grilling one particular topic and includes more time to solve practice tests and discuss them with your online tutor. It is meant for students who are in XI and have more time on their hand to prepare for their medical examinations.
  • Rest of the features are same, as per the RIMPII.

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