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Remote Instruction Medical Program - 1 @ eMedicalprep

One year Program – Remote Instruction Medical Program - 1

• One-year Classroom Program: This intensive medical preparation program comprises of 400 hours of live online teaching and is meant for students who are in XII or have already appeared for their XII board examinations. 

• Taught by the AIIMSites- AIIMSites are supposed to be the best brains on the planet. They can tap the potential Medico out of you.We have a pool of more than 20 AIIMSites. 

• Live classes- absolutely live, watch what the AIIMSite writes on the white board (the computer screen works as the white board), hear what the AIIMSites speak and interact with them. Ask them as many questions as you want. You can also type in the chat box. The regular class will take place 3 days a week each for 3 hours. 

• Comprehensive study material – It is thoroughly researched and designed by the Ex-AIIMS professors and Ex-AIIMSites.It is based on a to-the- point approach. The study material is available in hard copy. 

• Test series- This is designed by Ex-AIIMS professors and a group of 20 AIIMSites. It is unique, and can only be accessed by students. The student can know his/her percentile rank out of all the students enrolled with us. 

• You never miss the class - Another benefit is that a student never misses a class, even if he wants to. Say, for any reason he /she misses the class, he has the recording link. This way a student can view the recording and update him/her. 

• Assignments-The students are provided with regular assignments, topic wise and sub-topic wise. Assignments are equipped with answers and explanations. 

• Special Classes/Doubt removal – If a student is weak in a particular area of particular topic or sub-topic, we will provide special classes as per the convenience of the timings of the students.

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