CBSE Class 12 NCERT Solutions

CBSE Class 12 NCERT Solutions


Electric Charges And FieldsRay Optics And Optical Instruments
Electrostatic Potential And CapacitanceWave Optics
Current ElectricityDual Nature Of Radiation And Matter
Moving Charges And MagnetismAtoms
Magnetism And MatterNuclei
Electromagnetic InductionSemiconductor Electronics Materials Devices 
Alternating CurrentCommunication Systems
Electromagnetic Waves 



The Solid StateCoordination Compounds
SolutionsHaloalkanes And Haloarenes
ElectrochemistryAlcohols Phenols And Ethers
Chemical KineticsAldehydes Ketones And Carboxylic Acids
Surface ChemistryAmines
General Principles Of Isolation Of ElementsBiomolecules
The P Block ElementsPolymers
The D And F Block ElementsEveryday Life



Relations And FunctionsApplication Of Integrals
Inverse Trigonometric FunctionsDifferential Equations
MatricesVector Algebra
DeterminantsThree Dimensional Geometry
Continuity And DifferentiabilityLinear Programming
Application Of DerivativesProbability



Reproduction In OrganismsStrategies For Enhancement In Food Production
Sexual Reproduction In Flowering PlantsMicrobes In Human Welfare
Human ReproductionBiotechnology And Its Applications
Reproductive HealthOrganisms And Populations
Principles Of Inheritance And VariationEcosystem
Molecular Basis Of InheritanceBiodiversity And Conservation
EvolutionEnvironmental Issues
Human Health And Disease 



The Last LessonGoing PlacesThe Tiger King
French BooksMy Mother at Sixty SixJurney To The End of Earth
Lost SpringAn Elementry School Classroom in a SlumThe Enemy
Deep WaterKeeping QuietShould Wizard Hit Mommy
The RattrapA Thing of BeautyOn The Face of It
IndigoA Roadside StandEvents Tries an O Level
Poet and PancakesAunt Jennifers TigersMemories of Chilshood
The InterviewThe Third Level 

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