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Indonesia is one of the favoured destinations in South Asia for the students. Moreover, its proximity to India, ensures that there are a lot of NRI students living there. These students know about the high standards of Indian medical education and thus start preparing for Top Medical Entrance Exams like AIIMS and NEET from an early stage. This is because it is the only option to ensure a seat in one of the top medical institutes in India. Students in Indonesia do not have access to direct coaching that is based on Indian academics standard. And, this is why they rely on Medical Coaching in Indonesia to prepare for medical entrance exams. Medical Coaching has been beneficial to many students in imparting quality education across the world. eMedicalprep has been conducting live online classes in Indonesia since a long time and has been helping students clear medical entrance exams in India.

Online Tutoring in Indonesia by eMedicalPrep

It is a known fact that Indian doctors are in great demand everywhere due to the skills and techniques they possess. Moreover, they are hard- working and are very much committed to their profession. This is the reason every individual wants to study in Indian medical institutes. However, the only way to get into those colleges is to clear medical entrance exams like AIIMS and NEET with a very good score.

Students in Indonesia seek quality coaching for the purpose of getting a good score in entrance exams. And, eMedicalprep has the expertise and experience in providing top quality tutoring to students in Indonesia. The tutors at eMedicalprep are carefully picked by the expert panel after an interview. Medical students face significant competition because of the limited seats in medical institutes in India and thus need a top rank that can help them to get into popular medical colleges.

  • The courses at eMedicalprep are designed keeping in mind the latest trends so that students can prepare well to beat the competition
  • The faculty at eMedicalprep has years of teaching experience that help them to teach students in a very simple manner
  • eMedicalprep is very proud of having maximum number of faculties as top medical experts, who have worked in top hospitals

eMedicalprep has tied- up with the following school for helping students prepare for AIIMS and NEET in a significant manner.

  • Texmaco DPS International School

Live Online classes include Variety of Courses

eMedicalprep provides a variety of courses according to the needs of the students. Students can either take one- year, two- year course or just a subject package if they feel they need help only in that particular subject.


The live online classes in Indonesia provided by eMedicalprep for AIIMS preparation are very comprehensive and classes are conducted by top medical experts who have simple techniques to tutor. We offer,

  • One- Year Extensive Course - A total of 610 hours of preparation
  • Two- Year Extensive Course - A total of 703 hours of preparation
  • One- Year Course for 12th Class - A total of 588 hours of preparation

Our courses for AIIMS preparation include multiple Live doubt removal sessions, Unit tests, SA tests, Chapter tests, Live lectures and High Order thinking skills.

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With stiff competition for NEET, it has become important for students to get Medical Coaching in Indonesia from the best tutors in a significant manner. The courses offered at eMedicalprep are,

  • One- Year Extensive Course - A total of 610 hours of preparation
  • Two- Year Extensive Course - A total of 703 hours of preparation
  • One- Year Course for 12th Class - A total of 588 hours of preparation

The Medical Coaching Classes for NEET preparation include live doubt removal sessions, unit tests, SA tests, chapter tests, live lectures and High Order thinking skills

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Live Online Classes in Indonesia for NEET and AIIMS

Why eMedicalprep remains popular for its Live Online Classes

eMedicalprep has an accomplished team of subject experts that take immense pleasure in tutoring students for preparation of AIIMS and NEET medical entrance exams. eMedicalprep has been pretty popular among several students for the following reasons.

  • Because students have to be confident of joining eMedicalprep, we provide a demo class, where students will get to know our high standards of coaching
  • The live online classes are conducted according to the school hours so that students don’t miss out on anything, be it school studies or our online classes
  • The online classes cover all the important subject matter, and beyond that, which helps students to take entrance exams confidently
  • We provide study materials to students and it consists of six books each in Physics, Chemistry and Maths
  • Our curriculum has questions that have appeared in the last 10 years AIIMS and NEET entrance exams papers
  • We provide counsellors during the entire duration of the course to motivate students and encourage them to do well
  • We promote students, who have excellent track record in academics, with scholarships to encourage them
  • We analyse weak and strong areas of students and then suggest them to improve
  • We provide real time batch rank and All India Rank after every test to let them know of their status

eMedicalprep’s classes are backed by advanced technology to provide seamless streaming of online classes that help students to prepare with ease. Most of the students at eMedicalprep have obtained All India Ranks and have joined top medical institutes in India. We provide guaranteed support to all our students and well- designed courses at affordable prices.

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