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AskIITians PMT DPPs are the practice sheets which are given to the students after the completion of their each class of a particular subject. DPP are given to the student in synchronization of their syllabus so that students can practice those concepts which are already taught in the previous class.

DPP are based on the latest topics/ concepts covered in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. And they’ve already proved their worth in the past year’s results.

DPP include 225 sheets in total, and there are 75 DPP for each subject.

Thus, with Daily Practice Papers, you can:

  • Regularly practice objective type theoretical questions and numerical problems.
  • Assess yourself on clarity of different theoretical concepts.
  • Practice the application of concepts in Physics/ Chemistry to numerical problems.
  • Be updated with the latest problem solving techniques.
  • Improve your speed by regularly solving one DPP every day.
  • Keep a constant check on your weak areas in all the three subjects.
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