Crash Courses for Medical Preparation

Crash Courses for NEET Preparation & AIIMS Preparation


The students are provided with regular assignments, topic wise and sub-topic wise. Assignments are equipped with answers and explanations.

Taught by the AIIMSites

AIIMSites are supposed to be the best brains on the planet. They can tap the potential Medico out of you.We have a pool of more than 20 AIIMSites.

You never miss the class

Another benefit is that a student never misses a class, even if he wants to. Say, for any reason he /she misses the class, he has the recording link. This way a student can view the recording and update him/her.

Special Classes/Doubt removal

If a student is weak in a particular area of particular topic or sub-topic, we will provide special classes as per the convenience of the timings of the students.

Advantage of Crash Courses program

322 hrs
of Intensive Preparation
  • 150 hrs


    Live Lectures

  • 30 hrs


    Live Doubt
    High Order Thinking Skills

  • 90 hrs


    Chapter Test (NEET Level)

  • 18 hrs


    Unit Tests (NEET Level)

  • 18 hrs


    Full Test (NEET Level)

  • 15 hrs


    SAT Subject Tests (PCB)

  • 1 hrs


    Parent Teacher Meeting

Study material features

  • 18

    Total Printed Books

  • 06

    Books of Physics

  • 06

    Books of Chemistry

  • 06

    Books of Biology

Designed by experts

Course designed by subject matter experts who have over 15 years experience in helping students crack entrance exams

One stop Solution

Complete syllabus theory, effective revision notes, comprehensive question bank and tips & tricks by experts

Detailed Question Bank

Over 10,000+ specifically designed Practice Problems consisting of every kind of questions

Smart Study Material

Mind Maps,Study Planner & other rich content for every topic

Comprehensive Test Series

  • Inclusion of questions based on the analysis of last 10 years NEET papers.
  • Transparent and System Generated Student Report and Analysis
  • Analyses Student’s Strong and Weak Areas and offer suggestions for improvement
  • Keeps Students motivated towards their studies by offering their real time Batch Rank and All India Rank
  • In Depth Analysis instantly based on following parameters:
  • Rank Analysis
  • Self and Overall performance analysis
  • Topic Wise Analysis
  • Difficulty Level Analysis
  • Comparison with Toppers
  • Time Based Analysis

Click here to see a Sample Test Analysis Report

Some of our Faculty Members

Piyush Madaan Physics Expert
He has worked in the field of optics and was involved in the study of metal nano particles and spectroscopic ellipsometer...

Read More

Anjali Ahuja Biology
Anjali Ahuja, has done her M.Sc. in Biochemistry & B.Ed. from Kurukshetra University, Haryana. She is interested in...

Read More

Bhavya Agarwal Chemistry
Bhavya Agarwal has completed Master of Science degree from IIT Delhi. She has worked on...

Read More

Scholarships based on Scores/Grades


Score %

Other State

Grade (CGPA)

Level Boards

(Score %)


%(on tuition fee only)

80 – 85 8.5 - 8.9 80 – 85 5%
85 – 90 9 - 9.4 85 – 90 10%
90 – 95 9.5 – 9.9 90 – 95 15%
95 – 100 10 95 – 100 20%


What is eMedicalPrep?

eMedicalPrep aims to help the students who have to travel great distances or leave their homes to attend best medical coaching institutes that can help them crack NEET, AIIMS and other medical entrance exams in India. The unique model of eMedicalPrep brings the medical coaching classes right to the students' desktops. eMedicalPrep ensures that students get the NEET preparation guidance from the doctors right in the comfort of their homes. We offer live online NEET coaching classes, video recordings of the classes, study material, discussion forum, test series and many more features that can help you excel at the NEET exam and other leading medical admission tests.

eMedicalPrep employs around 100+ ex-IITians and 40+ Doctors who have bright academic and professional credentials. Hailing from the premier medical institutes in India and abroad, these doctors mentor NEET (AIPMT) students in tough times and guide them on colleges they might aim for (and specializations and super-specializations they may choose later in lives). They are there to boost the morale of their students and instill confidence in them. They share their experiences about how average students have aced NEET with top ranks and have carved their way as reputed doctors. Our NEET experts are not only teachers but also mentors, companions, counselors, and well-wishers.

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