O P Tandon Organic Chemistry

O P Tandon Organic Chemistry

O P Tandon Organic ChemistryPublisher:  G.R. Bathla and Sons

Number Of Pages:1021

Price:  Rs. 576

About the Book:

Organic Chemistry for Competitions has been written with the aim of meeting the needs and interests of students seeking admission to professional courses especially in medical. This is an age of tough competition where only the last survives.

Lines of Appreciation (Why should I buy this book? )

The complete text has been thoroughly revised in order to make the subject matter more simple, systematic and logical. The latest trends of different competitive examinations have been integrated with the fundamental concepts. Some of the topics have been elaborated to make the explanation and reasoning very clear. Several new articles and reaction mechanisms have been included in number of chapters. Latest questions for different competitive examinations along with solutions or hints in the respective chapters have been included. The new edition is blended in accordance with the new pattern of NEET.

* Multiple Choice Questions

* Matching Type Questions

* Assertion Reason Type Questions

Have been incorporated after every chapter.

Room for improvements (Why should I keep away from this book?)

There is no reason to stay away from this book. This is one of the best books for NEET as well as other competitive exams.

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