O P Tandon Inorganic Chemistry

O P Tandon Inorganic Chemistry

O P Tandon Inorganic ChemistryPublisher:  G R Bathla & Sons

Number Of Pages: 885

Price:  Rs. 549

About the Book:

This book is considered to be the best book for competitive exams after 10+2 level like:

  • Medical

It is mostly referred by the students to develop the basic understanding of the concepts.

Expert Review

Lines of Appreciations (Why should I buy this book?)

It is one of the best books by the author. The content makes the theory quite comprehensive. It covers almost all the topics in the syllabus which has a potential to be framed as a question in NEET, AIIMS and other medical examinations

As most of the chapters are well written it is difficult to single out the best written chapters. The chapters on Group 1, Group 16 and Group 17 should be thoroughly read as they give the maximum number of questions.

Room for improvements (Why should I keep away from this book?)

Since the book is brilliant it leaves almost no room for improvement. However, the lacunae of some printing errors in the book have to be done away with at the earliest.

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