Complete NEET (AIPMT) Guide – Biology

Complete NEET (AIPMT) Guide - Biology

Complete NEET (AIPMT) Guide - Biology

Contents Covered:

  1. Diversity in The Living World
  2. Structural Organisation in Plants and Animals
  3. Cell : Structure and Functions
  4. Plant Physiology
  5. Human Physiology
  6. Reproduction
  7. Genetics and Evolution
  8. Biology in Human Welfare
  9. Biotechnology and Its Applications
  10. Ecology and Environment 
  11. NEET Solved Paper 2013for the exam held on 5th May 2013

MTG Learning Media’s Complete NEET (AIPMT) Guide for Biology is a comprehensive book on biology for students preparing for ALL India PMT examinations. The book comprises of units which cover the entire life sciences syllabus of the Pre-medical Test. Also, there are previous year's solved papers and question banks that help in revision and making a clear understanding of concepts in biology. This book is essential for candidates applying for NEET (AIPMT) and other competitive exams. The book also offers plenty of MCQs for students’ practice and there’s a neat and easily recapitulating synopsis at the end of each chapter which helps tremendously in revisions.

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MTG learning Media is a leading education publisher in India and has produced books for competitive exam aspirants like MTG Science IQ ChallengeMTG Orissa NEET Chapter-wise Solutions: Medical 19 Years (1994 - 2012), etc.

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