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Last year, half the paper focused on Biology (25 questions from Botany and 35 from Zoology). And Physics and Chemistry made up the remaining 60 questions. Remember, Biology play a crucial role in the AIPMT exam, not only because it account for a bulk of the question also because in the case you have a tie. It is the candidate wins higher narks in Biology who gets the seat in this exam.

Biology Overview:  
If we go by the last year’s exam the percentage of question that were quite tough to crack was higher in Biology, while analysts says nearly 70% of the question in Zoology were of medium level of difficulty. The trend may or may not continue. So prepare both the subjects adequately. While human physiology (11) had the maximum question in Zoology, it was much more evenly distributed to Botany. But one can never be sure about the trend continuing this year as well. So spend your time across the subjects and do not play favorites. The important units are ecology, genetics, plant and animal physiology, biotechnology, human health and disease and ecosystem. So revise them accordingly.
Physics Overview: This is one subject many medical aspirants detest because most questions involve numerical. But take heart: if you get the logic right in solving a given problem, scoring in this paper is quite easy. Mechanics, Modern Physics and Magnetims got the Lion’s share of the question last year. Give mechanics enough attention. Don’t ignore other sections and don’t study any new topic. It’s now time to understand them. Focus on what you already have prepared and shortcuts to generate solutions. Analysis of solutions provided by coaching institutes for their model paper would be a good way to learn shortcuts. Study and recall the thumb rules for problem solving. Time management is the essence here. A good performance in physics will boost your ranking.
Chemistry Overview: In terms of the vastness of the syllabus, Chemistry has the largest numbers of the concept to cover and hence must have a sufficient time in your time table. To make life difficult invariably questions are evenly distributed among Organic, Inorganic and Physical chemistry. Identify your strong area amongst the three and focus on it quite well.

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